Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To My Wife on Valentines Day

Rather than wax poetic, I think the best way to sum up what a great friend, companion my wife is would be to dish some snippets of our actual dialogue.

NOTE: Before proceeding further, you'll need to know that my wife is a proud Irish lass, but more importantly, she likens herself a writer, so her banter sounds more like prose than conversation:

After watching a few minutes of Teletubbies:
Mrs - Why are there no predators in Teletubbie world?

Mr - What do you mean?

Mrs - Well, they're so plump and slow, it seems predators would flock there in droves.

After meeting a local politician of Irish descent:
Mrs - You two really talked on the same level, you should go into politics.

Mr - No thanks.

Mrs - But if you got in good with [politician of Irish descent] you could harness the power of the blarney!

Mr - "Harness the power"? What am I Skeletor?

Mrs - Don't be silly, Skeletor only wants to harness the power of Grayskull. [Mrs recognizes that I'm not continuing the conversation.]

Mrs -(Grumbling) I'll bet He-Man would want to harness the power of blarney.

Mr Prepares Valentines Breakfast of Oatmeal:
Mr - We got all the ingredients for your favorite breakfast, we got Quaker Oats, raisins, and maple syrup.

Mrs - Yay!

Mr - [Five minutes later.] Okay hun, I've got for you a nice hot, steaming bowl of love .

Mrs - (With mock disappointment) What! I wanted oatmeal!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy ... I AM a writer ... are you going to force me to raise the spectre of the "golf pencil of despair"?