Friday, January 23, 2009

NNY 40 Leaders Under 40

Have people seen this great idea by the Watertown Daily Times? With Northern New York suffering from "brain drain," with so many of our college-educated youth leaving the area for jobs, we need more opportunities to commend and publicly-praise the young folks who choose to be leaders in our region.

First of all, I want to encourage everyone to participate in this project.

And secondly, I'm assuming most people will be quick to nominate elected officials, municipal officers, and entrepreneurs. And after some reflection, they may also come up with educators and medical professionals. These individuals are, of course, much deserving of nominations, but let me suggest that following folks are not overlooked:

~Members of your local emergency crews, especially ambulance workers and firefighters who volunteer.

~Volunteers or community organizers (sadly maligned by Sarah Palin) who coordinate and promote annual community events.

~That young person who, may not hold an official position, but frequently stands up in church and/or community events and ardently encourages others to take an active role in resolving the community’s problems. (Leadership through inspiring dialogue)

~That young person who, again may not hold an official position, but always seems to be the one that rallies the neighbors to come together to help out that person or family in need of help. (Leadership through inspiring action.)

~That young artist whose works commemorate the region’s pride and principles. (Leadership through inspiring prose, music, and/or visuals.)