Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Enduring Epidemic of Turn-the-Other-Cheek Democrats

Though I believe Obama won last Friday’s debate handily, I kept waiting for Obama to make a knockout punch.

And there were so many opportunities for Obama make a knockout. Several times he could have turned to McCain, and said, “John, most of your responses are ad hominem, character attacks that don’t address the issue we’re discussing,” or “John, you claim that your campaign puts ‘country first’ and denounces partisanship, yet many of your responses tonight are clearly intended to foment partisanship, thereby proving that when you say ‘country first’ it is not true.”

Ultimately, Obama proved too respectful and polite. But this is what we’ve come to expect from Democrats. Throughout the Bush presidency, the Democrats have demonstrated a frustrating respect and politeness toward Bush Republicans.

Where are the firebrands? Where are the fighters? Where is the raw anger? Where is the unifying Democratic voice shouting, “No more!”

Democrats need to fight back not just by pushing back when pushed, but by also loudly criticizing any Republican who wastes time demonizing Democrats in general, wastes time arguing that all Democrats are“liberal,” or puts party first before country.