Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama, Paul Net Most Military Donations

Did you see the recent article in USA Today about which presidential candidates are receiving the biggest military donations?
For Democratic candidates, America's soldiers are donating the most to Barack Obama. For Republican candidates, it's Ron Paul. It seems significant that these two candidates are calling for an end to combat in Iraq.

I wonder if our soldiers in Fort Drum are endorsing Obama?

"Experience" is bait set out by the Clinton campaign, and Democrats are biting.

Words can lift a people, words can inspire a people. Eight years of Bush have made Americans believe that a President must be an action figure.

Perhaps one of the factors that should determine our vote is which candidate is a motivator that can inspire the people of America.

Barack far surpasses Hillary as a motivator. Make a nation hopeful again, and the work and innovation will get done by the people.

When Barack calls people to action, people WANT to provide results.

Hillary’s words just make Americans want to sink deeper into their armchairs.