Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Open Letter to fellow Northern NY blogger, Danger Democrat

Sorry to beat a dead horse, DD, but again I say that the squashing of the McCain/Bush era depends squarely on spurned Hillary fans like you reaching out to other spurned Hillary fans and unifying behind Obama.

I’m not buying the threat that spurned Hillary fans will actually go through with voting McCain, but I am concerned that many will conveniently forget to vote on Nov. 4th.

I’m certain that the Republicans will have an 11th hour surprise specially tailored for spurned Hillary fans – it’ll be some expensive, powerful, seismic message intended to convince spurned Hillary fans that voting Obama would be tantamount to betraying all the women in American history who’ve sacrificed and died so that a woman will one day have a chance at the highest office in the land.

In choosing Sarah Palin as VP, the McCain campaign announced their home stretch strategy to world: win over the religious right, and drive a wedge between spurned Hillary fans and Obama. Before the Democrat National Convention, I’m assuming McCain’s advisors already had a shortlist of VP possibilities, all of which had the intolerance and moralistic myopia that’d make the religious right swoon. And I’m betting that when it was announced at the DNC that a third of spurned Hillary fans polled were still undecided about Obama, McCain’s advisors choose the only woman on their list.

To avoid a McCain victory via a mysteriously low voter turnout for Obama, you need to start unifying the spurned Hillary fans solidly behind Obama, and you need to start NOW. We know that an Obama victory in NY is secure, but let me flatter you and present the possibility that your blog is visited by swing state residents, maybe a Scranton, PA family summering in Sackets Harbor. Maybe you could popularize a mantra to be chanted all the way up to Nov. 4th – “Elect Obama and Hillary Wins, Elect Obama and Hillary Wins.” Other mantras to popularize: “Obama has Always been Fair and Respectful to Hillary,” “The Obama Campaign was NOT Sexist to Hillary during the Primary Season, It Was the Media,” “Hillary and Obama have Practically the SAME Political Beliefs, whereas Hillary and McCain/Palin have the Polar Opposite Beliefs” and maybe most importantly, “Hillary was NOT Wronged when Obama chose Biden as VP.”

I leave this vital responsibility in your hands, and in the hands of other spurned Hillary fans. Any efforts on my part would ring hollow since I never bought into the “inevitability” of President Hillary, and I’m still a bit peeved over her divisive primary antics.

Spurned Hillary fans should also keep this in mind: Imagine a world in which Obama loses and McCain wins -- Hillary will be persona non grata in 49% of America. The McCain campaign is orchestrating the current anti-Obama attacks, but many Americans believe Hillary wrote the original playbook, and McCain wins followers every time he cribs from her playbook.

Though 18 million Americans voted for Hillary in the primaries, more than three times that many are crying out for an end to the Bush/McCain era.

We all know the Clinton name is synonymous with Satan among most conservative Republicans, but imagine an America where “Clinton” is synonymous with Satan across the entire political spectrum.

If McCain wins, in the years following the 2008 election, Hillary will be known by half the country as the Killer of Hope.


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